The Regal, Newburgh St, London ST#89

All sorts of interesting styletribes sprung up like mushrooms as the New Romantics' media buzz began to fade in the early 80s. The Regal was a keystone of the '60s Set' or 'New Psychedelics'. Newburgh St runs parallel and to the east of Carnaby Street and was, in fact, where the 'boutique' bushfire of the 60s began before spreading west to (even cheaper) Carnaby Street. So it could be that The Regal was in the same building as Vince's which first opened its doors to the gay guys who frequented the Marshall St Baths (one street further east). I'm pretty sure my much cherished (elegant, black wool) winter coat came from The Regal - or am I confusing it with a shop (owned by the same guy?) near Portobello?

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