me and my mother 'Peggy' Polhemus - TP#92

me and my mother (Margaret 'Peggy' Chasey Polhemus) 'at Grandmother Chasey's house Interlaken' (I think Rev Chasey died in 1950 - and the fact that mother's note identifies this as 'Grandmother Chasey's house' supports this presumption. (My mother's mother Carrie Brookes Chasey would seem the ultimate straight-laced character but one of the earliest memories I have is having a flour 'fight' with her - when we both emerged from the kitchen of the Interlaken home, both of us covered in flour, my mother looked at us in utter amazement. Another early memory was playing my fav game of using a throw rug as a 'raft' to escape I think a flood in a room at the top of the Interlaken house with piles of Rev Chasey's books on the floor. I think there was a drawing of 'the Johnstown flood' in a big book on American history in Rev Chasey's study (or was I given this very adult - but much loved - history book by my father's father's sister the lovely Charlotte?)

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