My mother Margaret 'Peggy' Chasey - earlier scan Feb11#73 jpeg

My mother - I would guess from her college years during the war (before she met her husband, my father). During the war there were a lot of sailors stationed in Asbury Park, just to the north of Neptune City. One day my mother and a couple of college girlfriends came down and went through the wonderful 'Fun House' in Asbury Park. Aside from a huge, moving mechanical gorilla there was an exposed walkway where jets of air might blow a girl's skirt up. After my mother crossed (she loved to tell this story - we, her family, always, cruely, beat her to the punch line) some sailor in the crowd below called out 'Send the blonde back again'. We never heard what, if anything, happened after that. Interesting how so many things are forgotten but some family stories become fixed as legends.

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