Family gathering - Chasey and Polhemus - TP#94

Early pic of me (Ted Polhemus - bald head bottom right) with, from left to right, my mother's father the Rev Joseph W Chasey, 'Aunt Sadie Rowe' (according to note on back by my mother - don't remember anything about her), my mother (Peggy Chasey-Polhemus), my mother's mother Carrie Chasey and, far right, my father's father Russell Polhemus - I would guess taken at my mother's parents' home in Interlaken, New Jersey, USA . Interesting contrast: my mother's father was not only a Methodist minister but also a 'district supervisor' for at least part of New York State (and did very nicely thank you on the stock market with shares in Bell Telephone) while my father's father was an odd job man, gas station attendant (once nearly killed by a motorist customer flicking a cigarette into a pool of gas) and electrician (at least once almost electrocuting himself).

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