1949 - Born in the USA - TP#57

The first photo of me shows, off to the side, what I've been told is a 1938 Plymouth with an extra, showy 'over-rider' bumper fitted (the same car Philip Marlowe drove in the 1946 film of The Big Sleep). I'm guessing that this must have been a new family car in 1948/9 photographed I think at 19 Oak Terrace, Neptune City, New Jersey, USA . My cousin Beverley Coleman and her husband George add the following note: Re: your number 38: we are looking at a 1947/49 Ford coupe. Cars were not available during the war years and your dad was in the service at the time. This is one of the first cars to come into production after the war. They were very much in demand. There were waiting lists and it was not unusual for buyers to pay a premium (say bribe) above the list price to get one. Ford introduced the V8 engine in these cars although I think the one in the photo is a six cylinder.

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