George O'Dowd and friends (Philip Sallon on left, Tony D of Ripped and Torn fanzine, centre) on Hampstead Heath ST#138

Philip Sallon, George O'Dowd and friends, Hampstead Heath, London, 1981 (?) In the summer of (I think) 1981 my sister was visiting me from the US and I took her for what I thought would be a quiet Bank Holiday walk on Hampstead Heath, London. But rounding a bend in one of the more wooded areas of the Heath we suddenly came upon a roving band of many of the regulars from the Blitz Club including Philip Sallon and George O'Dowd (who was dressed as a nun). Borrowing my sister's camera I finished the roll of colour print film in her camera with images of these 'Blitz Kids' enjoying themselves at the fun fair which regularly visited Hampstead Heath on Bank Holidays. Casually, George mentioned to me that he was starting a band to be called Culture Club - stupidly, not aware of his extraordinary singing talent, I failed to see much promise in this career development. A year later these same fun fair amusements had amongst their prizes Culture Clubs' phenomenally successful first album.

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