The Elephant Man (David G. Taylor) at Style Surfing book launch ST#130

Club impresario and ever stylish socialite Philip Sallon very kindly organized a huge club (with an attached fun fare) evening for the launch of my book Style Surfing. For that night in 1996 it was the only place to be and be seen. thanks to David G. Taylor for identifying himself and offering further helpful comments: 'Haha, thanks. I was young and pretty then! Oh yes, I think I remember now. For a former elephant, my memory really ought to be better. Yes that'd be fine to add my name Ted. Gosh what a fun time that all was. Lovely to relive it through your photo. Thanks for posting it. Dx 'Thanks Ted, I usually just made them myself but that one I just designed and got my flat mate at the time to machine as it was such a difficult fabric to handle. I made elephants in a range of fabrics from blue and white Bretton stripes to pink gingham!''

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