Models, St Martin's College of Art FA#19

Models for Stephen Linard's 'Reluctant Emigres' collection (John McKitterick, Chris Sullivan and Daryl Humphries) at student fashion show, St Martin's College of Art, London - 1981 (Located only a stone's throw from The Blitz club, many of the fashion students at St Martins constituted a core contingent of what became known as the 'New Romantics' and their student fashion shows brought the fashion world's attention back to London.) Comment by Shaun Crowley to my FB page: 'check out this quote from "Shapers of the 80s" posted in June 2011: "WACKIEST AMONG THE 80s BLITZ KID RACERS was Stephen Linard, the Essex boy who nevertheless graduated from St Martin’s art school with a first-class degree in menswear 30 years ago this summer. Modelled by six of his hunky clubland pals, his collection titled Reluctant Emigrés featured swishy draped greatcoats, pinstripe trousers and city shirts that all evinced an Edwardian air of immaculate tailoring while declaring edgy details with organza and contrast patches. Amid the women’s outfits shown by most of the other fashion graduates, Linard’s chic street-savvy lads had a gasp-out-loud impact, as commentator Suzy Menkes noted after the show. The influential South Molton Street shop Browns immediately wanted to develop the range, but Stephen decided instead to sell his original garments to a short-lived synthpop band called Animal Magnet. “I needed the money,” he says now in a shocking confession of short-termism." The boys from Animal Magnet (Richard? and ?) cut quite a dash in their floor length fake fur coats!' Comment on my FB page from Iain R Webb: 'Stephen's collection was definitely 1981 Ted Polhemus Stephen graduated St Martin's the year after me, the same year as Fiona Dealey. They often got press together.' thanks to Shaun Crowley, Paul Mcg, Franceska Luther King, David Johnson, Iain R Webb and others for info about this influential student fashion show.

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