Mt Hagen, New Guinea body painting and lip disc BA#47

No I haven't been to New Guinea - but in studying the anthropology of body decoration I have always had special regard for the extraordinary decorations of many New Guinea tribes. The Commonwealth Institute in London brought over a group of dancers from New Guinea in (?) late 80s/early 90s, it was a lovely sunny day and the men and women from New Guinea were exceedingly patient and generous in letting us snap away. I heard later that some of the New Guinea men had ventured down to the King's Rd to see the Punks - maybe the best photo I never got to shoot. [I believe this is a Mt Hagan woman - see Andrew & Marilyn Strathern, Self-Decoration in Mount Hagen, Gerald Duckworth & Co LTD, London, 1971 < this is the first book I ever reviewed, for New Society mag]

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